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Sleep Paralysis confirmed..

Well, for the past 2-3 years or so I’ve been having new sleeping problems. But not insomnia tho:hammer:, that one’s quite under my skin. Lately this new problem have been showing many times, too many if I may addSad. I asked a friend, he said “sleep paralysis” I haven’t really checked since he said soWhistling, but tonight I’ve googled it, and found out it really is sleep paralysis.

It says usually it only occurs once or twice (minimum) in a lifetime. Before, it did occur only once or twice per month. But now its much more often, and also continuous.. almost 2-4 times everytime I try to sleepI dont know.

Like last night, I think it went off 3 times, I tried changing positions and all that. Nothing really had any effect, I had to fight my way out of it most of the time..Feeling beat up

From what I’ve read, It’s not dangerous. But I’ve felt my heart like it was stopping, and I can’t take any air into my lungsNailbiting. I dunno if I should let it be, but I’m afraid to let it be. I fight it and kept breathing, taking air in even though it feels like something’s preventing me to do soBring it on.

Anyhow, maybe.. MAYBE I’ll go see a doctorDoh

Quote from one of the pages I’ve read:

Sleep paralysis can be extremely frightening, especially if you've never experienced it before, and you don't know what's happening. Here's how to tell if you're having sleep paralysis.

Difficulty: Moderate


  1. 1

    Sleep paralyses happens when you are in REM sleep. Your mind starts to wake up, but your body stays in it's natural state of paralysis that normally occurs during REM. The results can be extremely frightening when this happens.

  2. 2

    Many people panic when they seem to be awake, yet can't move their body. Hallucinations can occur as well, usually auditory hallucinations.

  3. 3

    People often feel there is a presence in the room with them during a sleep paralysis episode. Other symptoms include loud or buzzing sounds, a feeling of weight on the chest or back, heaviness, panic attacks, and out of body experiences.

  4. 4

    Sleep paralyses most often occurs when someone is sleeping on their back. It can also seem worse if you're in this position when it happens, as you may feel more exposed, and unable to protect yourself.

Read more: How to Know if You Have Sleep Paralysis | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5077611_sleep-paralysis.html#ixzz0xd8oRXE5

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Faculty of Computer Science

Whoa I’ve never updated again have I? well as a freshman in college I’ve been quite busy (ceilah)

But seriously Fasilkom is great :2thumbup our motto is “Professional and Useful” and our senior said “we are not just a faculty, we’re a community and a family” when I heard that, I went so happy Open-mouthed



I’ll post some pics of my new family later on Peace Sign



why this? --------->>

well ours are Blue-Red

unfortunately this one is also Blue and Red, but it’s in Red-Blue combo hehehe

It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die!!

Yeaaah Yeaah you know this one right, they say it’s a great funny movie, but I laughed harder on Inception.You are~ the only inception

wrong word :hammer: 

Yeah you know this one, rumored to be Illuminati and yadda yadda whatever Chatterbox











yup, pretty good I think, but not as funny as the animes I’ve seen. I can guarantee that Peace Sign

Why is the title “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” why? ehh why? 

why did I…err oh yeah :hammer:

you’ll have to find out for yourselves, and this line also “It’s so fluffeeehh”

cause I hate spoilers and I don’t wanna spoil it for you guys :D

but here’s some pictures of the culprit of those lines



though kinda reminds me of Boo, from another classic yet different animators

Peek a Boo! yes Boo

Don’t you think? I dont know

Oh btw just because I post these doesn’t mean I’m a Loli/Lolicon Whistling


I Love Tsundere Blushing

aawww Kyo~ Love Struck

okay stop, stop you FREAK Nerd

well that’s all for now tehehehe

Wish It Was Real

Slept about 1-2 AM last night..or should I say morning 8  overslept, woke up and it was 10 AM Yawn overslept, guess I was even more tired than I thought I was 26

30 minutes later, I realized something, I thought it was real but it was a dream! it was an effin DREAM!!!!

okay, here’s my dream

in class, University, I think. But the weird thing is that I knew most of the people in this class. Knew them from high school, I remember that I even saw my former classmate having trouble sitting and standing up up…


because she was Pregnant!! about 3-4 months I think, and in my head was “WTH!! She’s an effin diligent yet very religious girl. Then again, maybe she jumped straight into marriage Oh go on 

and what I am very.. very… VERY… Extraordinary Disappointed is that.. my teacher, was….

well he’s a very talented..  lf39e561f516be5d1435705

NO not break-dancerNot worthy

34905_1487513383582_1106348632_1405208_2788648_s  LOL I dunno about him being a talented kisser, but yeah he gets the girls flying around in the clouds


NO not a footballer, especially a brutal one Surprise



He was a talented








yes! singer

Who is he?

who’s the one in that dream?


it was….

Me? no NO NO you! yes You Michael Bublé 

I forgot what subject did he get, but yes it was him

I wish it was real

after class, I went into the lounge with a girl to find him, I told her he was my idol Love Struck and she said “why don’t you take some pics with him?”


then she came to talk to him…and when she came back..

she said that he said “I don’t do it anymore, I’m ur teacher now”




Ampun pak  

Don’t hit me Feeling beat up

you’re one my favourite too

may he rest in peace

well wish it was real, I’d be thrilled if it was..sigh